About Us

LGBTQ+Spacey was created in may 2021 by Viktor Bernardo (aka VK) as a twitter profile to deposit his threads separately from his private account. In less than a month, the decision to make Spacey, as it was lovingly named, into something bigger was made, and two more people decided to join.

Nowadays, Spacey is a collective that aims to create informative and accurate content, not only about gender and sexuality, but also other social issues, creating a safe environment for those minorities

Our Teams

LGBTQ+ Spacey currently has about 15 members, most of which are trans and neurodivergent, also being divided into several orientations, spectrums and social minorities.


  • Bibiana Hotta – Writing Leader (she/her)
  • Arê Camomila da Silva – Vice-Leader of Writing (they/them – she/her)
  • Gianni Silva(she/her)


  • Viktor Bernardo Pinheiro – Review Leader (he/him)
  • Arê Camomila da Silva(they/them – she/her)
  • Lara Moreno(she/her)
  • Lívia Figueiredo(she/her)


  • Anna Iorio – Translation Leader (she/her)
  • Lívia Figueiredo – Translation PT-EN (she/her)
  • Ludmilla Moura – Translation PT-EN (all pronouns)


  • Viktor Bernardo Pinheiro – Design Leader (he/him)
  • Marianna Pasquini – Post Design (he/him – she/her)


  • Carolina Gonçalves – Illustration Leader (she/her)
  • Ceci Lima(all pronouns)
  • Fran Dorigão(she/her)
  • Lee Deziderio(she/herthey/them)
  • Rani Ramires(she/herthey/them)

Audiovisual Crew

  • Alex de Souza – Audiovisual Leader (he/him)
  • Anna Iorio – Video recording (she/her)
  • Ludmilla Moura – Video recording (all pronouns)
  • Lee Deziderio – Video editor (she/herthey/them)
  • Mari Pasquini – Video editor (he/him– she/her)

Visual Identity Creators

  • Lidiane Carneiro – Concept (she/her)
  • Karen Emi Nicoliche – Design and Visual identity (he/him)


  • Ash Trindade – Technology Manager (he/him– she/her)