Ace Anthology: Acervo

This Anthology, Acervo, brings us authors and asexual characters, protagonists of their stories, written with the aim of entertaining, but also to offer a kind of mirror. Show that there are other experiences, other perceptions, and that some of them may be a bit like yours. It is also possible to have a place. From poetry to fantasy, to real life, I hope this book can amuse, excite and, who knows, help you take a little step further on your own journey.

Capa do livro Acervo. Fundo amarelo com o desenho de uma estante com livros e vasos. No topo da estante está o título: Acervo.

Where to read:


  • Isabela Marques
  • LGBTQ+ Spacey

Cover Design and Art

  • Laney Stic


  • Isabela Marques


  • Evelin Lima


  • Cleydson Henrique
  • Bernardo Pinheiro
  • Evelin Lima


  • Ammy
  • Cami O’Milla
  • Géssica Santos
  • JoJo Dieira
  • Leonardo Torre
  • Lizédar Baptista
  • Millena Rodrigues de Morais
  • Ruan Henrick
  • vkb