Ace Anthology: Ascendente

Once again bringing together stories, from confessed poems to uncertain relationships, this year’s Anthology of Asexual Visibility Week, Ascendente, makes it possible to follow and see different experiences of people on the asexual spectrum, through their words and characters. In this book, their voices rise.


  • Isabela Marques
  • Coletivo Cakelovers

Cover Design and Art

  • Vitória Magalhães


  • Isabela Marques


  • Bruna da Rosa Alves


  • Cleydson Henrique
  • Evelin Lima
  • Bernardo Pinheiro


  • Alanys Aleixo
  • Alix Blanco
  • Anne Paviland
  • Bianca
  • Bruna da Rosa Alves
  • Cassie G. Stonem
  • Danny Zurc
  • Bernardo Pinheiro
  • Juv
  • Maíla Ferreira
  • Mariana Peixoto
  • Millena Rodrigues de Morais
  • Petals_Crown
  • Ruan Henrick
  • R.Y.L.A